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Custom Celeb/Non-Celeb FakeZ
  A high-quality picture (Nude Fake) of any celebrity/famous person of your choice. When you purchase two you can choose to have 2 different celebrities in one picture (or one celeb & another person for an explicit fake.) Same for 3 and up to four in one! It's all your call. =] Customize by sending a desired theme(s),position(s), or any other detail you may want. Just note me if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process. (^_^)
(Private/explicit commissions can be done as well. )
 I guarantee total 100% discreet professionalism.
All commissions are now totally private.

 Private fakes of non-celebs/anyone can now be commissioned!
Just note me! =]

Princess Distress

Chapter VI – Aftermath
This is an erotic fan-fiction story, so do not read if you would be offended or are under 18


    Zelda and Jeota looked on as a sinister force made his presence known. The dark Wizard Agahnim materialized out of a dark portal in front of them. With a malevolent grin barely visible from beneath his hood, Agahnim addressed the princess.
"Your majesty, you are not always so unkempt and perplexed as you are now I hope." cackled the dark wizard.
    "Agahnim! As princess of Hyrule I demand you come to plain words and explain yourself!"
Zelda demanded as she stood up. "To what evil and insidious end are you seeking now?" She continued, growing impatient. Agahnim laughed to himself, and decided to enlighten the princess with his nefarious plot.
"I shall tell you what you need to know and nothing more."  Said the fiend.
"The foolish brute you know as Ganon is no more. His piece of the Triforce, however, is now mine. It finally has an owner worthy of its power." Agahnim revealed as he slowly approached.
    Zelda and Jeota were understandably shocked, and before Zelda could say anything, Agahnim continued. "Oh, do not be so quick to speak , princess, for there is more! Yes, it seems another possessor of a Triforce piece has lapsed in it's protection." Interrupted Agahnim. Zelda's eyes shot open, she felt around her chest for the Triforce piece of wisdom, but to no avail. "Ghahaha! Missing something?" Taunted the wizard. "Of course you know this means I am one piece away from attaining absolute rule over this land. The Triforce piece of courage shall be mine, though it momentarily graces your hero's possession. Who appears to be in fighting form I daresay!" laughed Agahnim.
    Zelda was stricken with fear, Jeota darted out in front of Agahnim.
"You'll have to go through me you whoreson dog!" Jeota threatened as her fiery aura became increasingly visible. She whipped a volley of flaming cinders towards Agahnim's face, only to see them phase through his form.
"You are quite a little spitfire indeed, Jeota! But this is merely an astral projection. I merely sought to do you the kindness of informing you of your inevitable doom." Agahnim continued. "Soon enough the final piece shall be mine. In the meantime, try and cook up an ignorant scheme to thwart me. It shall make your destruction all the more sweet!"
    Agahnim left from the dark void in which he entered, leaving the two gripped with fear. Jeota, however felt vengeance more keenly. When the dark wizard's black fog finally disappeared, Link started to regain consciousness. Zelda and Jeota rushed back to his side and eased him upright slowly. After a few moments of head-shaking and eye-rubbing, Link was restored. He had awoken from a dream, only to be plunged into a real nightmare. Words were not needed to see the dire state of things, Zelda's eyes revealed the depth of the danger.
   "Oh, no… What has happened Zelda?" Link said as he put his arms on hers. Tears ran down Zelda's cheeks as she explained to Link the situation they were currently in. With every word Link's resolve and anger towards Agahnim grew. The odds were against them. The three would indeed have to devise a genius plan, or the land of Hyrule would fall into darkness. Link wasn't about to see such an atrocity become real.


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